Sunday, August 7, 2011

Portraiture and Lighting Experiments up at the Cottage

My friend was very kind and co-operative to model for me while I experimented with a bunch of lighting setups up at the cottage.

The first two photographs are my attempt at recreating natural-looking light using strobes. Both these photos are entirely artificially-lit (obviously excepting the view outside the window in the first shot). I think this was a successful experiment in artificial lighting, and both look very credible as natural light.

Cottage Portraits-2

Cottage Portraits-1

These shots are variations on a similar lighting setup with an octabox camera left with another strobe for mild fill:

Cottage Portraits-4

Cottage Portraits-3

Cottage Portrait-8

As I packed up my gear, this nice shot came into view:

Cottage Portraits-7

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  1. Beautiful pics Ian ~ this INCLUDES the wonderful picture of YOU :) The lighting really looks so good ~