Thursday, September 1, 2011

More Cottage Antics with Kids!

I hauled out a bunch of lighting equipment and set it up at my friends' cottage, and grabbed some pictures of their kids.

My little buddy here, 7 years old, promised me he'll kill me with his awesome homemade ninja sword skills.


His little sister, age 4, strikes a couple of nice poses before she runs away:

Kids at the Cottage 1

Kids at the Cottage 2

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Portraiture and Lighting Experiments up at the Cottage

My friend was very kind and co-operative to model for me while I experimented with a bunch of lighting setups up at the cottage.

The first two photographs are my attempt at recreating natural-looking light using strobes. Both these photos are entirely artificially-lit (obviously excepting the view outside the window in the first shot). I think this was a successful experiment in artificial lighting, and both look very credible as natural light.

Cottage Portraits-2

Cottage Portraits-1

These shots are variations on a similar lighting setup with an octabox camera left with another strobe for mild fill:

Cottage Portraits-4

Cottage Portraits-3

Cottage Portrait-8

As I packed up my gear, this nice shot came into view:

Cottage Portraits-7

Family Photos for some Friends

Some good friends asked me to do some family photos earlier this year. It was a fun shoot, and the kids are hilarious. Here are my favourites. Family Session-1 Family Session-3 Family Session-4Family Session-5 Family Session-7 Family Session-6

Friday, December 31, 2010

Some Headshots for a Friend

A good friend was having a short story published, and needed some headshots for the magazine. Because the short story deals with hockey (her sick obsession), the hockey gear (her idea) seemed appropriate. We also took the opportunity to grab some shots with her and her daughter. These are my own re-processed shots of some of my favourites from the session.

Nat Headshots - 2

Nat Headshots - 1

Nat Headshots - 3

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Architecture Study - My Uncle's House

The following shots are from a self-study in interior architectural photography. I am trying to properly learn how to use my 24mm TS-E L, and properly compose interior architectural shots. I used my uncle's newly built, self-designed house in the Ontario countryside for practice. The dining area, looking out onto the field: Interior Architecture/RE _MG_4677-Edit-2 The front entranceway and hall: Interior Architecture/RE The living room: Interior Architecture/RE My uncle's shower area: Interior Architecture/RE The east bedroom: Interior Architecture/RE The east bedroom's bathroom: Interior Architecture/RE A portrait of my uncle, the architect, designer and builder of this house (a 5-year post-retirement project for him): Interior Architecture/RE

Kids, Kids & More Kids!

Kids are fun to shoot. Except when they are running away, squirming, pouting or running behind your camera squealing "Can I see???". A collection of the kids I've shot in the past months.... Kids! Kids!Kids! Kids! Kids! Kids! Kids! Kids! Kids! Kids! Kids!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Recent Still Life Work

More experiments in flowers (a.k.a. "getting my Mappelthorpe on, but not in a weird way"):

Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies

Calla Lily

Here's a nice floating bell pepper:


I had some fun disassembling an old (4G) Seagate hard drive. Below are the actuator arm and head, circuit board, motor and the platters from the drive.

More Fun Disassembling Stuff

More Fun Disassembling Stuff

More Fun Disassembling Stuff

More Fun Disassembling Stuff

Finally, by way of a still life photograph, here are my photography monograph book recommendations. Every one a gem:

Photography Bookshelf