Thursday, October 21, 2010

Architecture Study - My Uncle's House

The following shots are from a self-study in interior architectural photography. I am trying to properly learn how to use my 24mm TS-E L, and properly compose interior architectural shots. I used my uncle's newly built, self-designed house in the Ontario countryside for practice. The dining area, looking out onto the field: Interior Architecture/RE _MG_4677-Edit-2 The front entranceway and hall: Interior Architecture/RE The living room: Interior Architecture/RE My uncle's shower area: Interior Architecture/RE The east bedroom: Interior Architecture/RE The east bedroom's bathroom: Interior Architecture/RE A portrait of my uncle, the architect, designer and builder of this house (a 5-year post-retirement project for him): Interior Architecture/RE

Kids, Kids & More Kids!

Kids are fun to shoot. Except when they are running away, squirming, pouting or running behind your camera squealing "Can I see???". A collection of the kids I've shot in the past months.... Kids! Kids!Kids! Kids! Kids! Kids! Kids! Kids! Kids! Kids! Kids!