Saturday, November 28, 2009

Portraits & People - Photos

Some recent and older portraits and people photographs

Heather - Lighting Essentials Workshop

Tawnya - Lighting Essentials Workshop

Krista - Lighting Essentials Workshop

Heather - Lighting Essentials Workshop





Mother & Son



Frizbee in the Park with E & M



Black Background Portraits - 4

Kids - Photos

A selection of my favourite photos of children I know:

The Getaway

The Sting (redux)

Oliver & Mom






Siblings in the Hammock


O in Lights

Landscape/Cityscape - Photos

A view up the road from my Uncle's country house
A selection of landscape/cityscape photos: The Johnstone's place at dusk Walkaround

Objects and Still Life - Photos

Some recent still life photographs and images of otherwise non-living things:

Lens Innards Still Life

B&W Phone, reflected

Grandfather's Ashtray

Still Life Peppers


Crystal Scotch Glasses

My New Toy

Architecture and Real Estate - Photos

A selection of my better real estate and architectural photos. More categories to follow.

Uncle's New House 1

Uncle's New House 2 - reworked

The view off my balcony at dusk(ish)

Real Estate Photos

Real Estate Photos

Welcome - Introduction

Hello reader and clicker of links:

I'm starting to hit the limits of what Flickr can do (as good as a site as it is) as a showcase of my photography. It's difficult to organize, and difficult to navigate while maintaining the visual layout and flow I want.

A photoblog is not much better, but at least I can give it a black background. The challenge for me will be keeping it updated (keep your expectations low).

In the posts that follow today (November 28th), I'll front-load this blog with a selection of older and better work already done, to bring you up to speed. Ongoing posts after today will (hopefully, if I get around to them) be focused on more recent work.

Thanks for visiting.